About me :

I recently graduated from Isfahan University of Technology under the supervision of Professor Saeid Eslamian. My research, being focused on climate change projection and adaptation strategies to different probability levels of climate change impacts on the hydro-environmental systems. I had an opportunity to work in the research group of Dr. kaveh Madani (University of Central Florida) to get some new experiences on the system dynamics, and causal thinking, sustainable planning and management of water resources systems under climate change as well as optimization of reservoir operation.




Educations :






Department of Water Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran.

Dissertation: Adaptation to the Future impacts of Climatic and Socio-Economic Changes on the Zayandeh-Rud River Basin using System Dynamic Approach.

Thesis Committee: Saeid Eslamian, Jahangir abedi Koupai, Kaveh Madani, Alireza Massah Bavani




Visiting Scholar, Hydro-Environmental and Energy Systems Analysis (HEESA) Research Group , Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, University of Central Florida (UCF), Florida, USA. (Host Adviser: Kaveh Madani)










Research Interests :

Application of system dynamics, optimization, simulation and modeling methods to water resources planning and management.

Climate change impacts and adaptation on water resources

Integrated water resources planning and management

System of system dynamics and causal thinking

Sustainable development and environmental assessment